My Favorite Hero

As many of you know, when the stars and my mood align, I write a little fiction. About serial killers mostly. And now that I’ve got all this free time on my hands (note sarcasm font), I’ve been messing around with my most recent manuscript a little.

I pretty much never let anyone read what I write, but for some reason I’ve been feeling the urge to introduce you all to Deacon Hale, the badass hero of this particular tale. I might be shy, but he’s not. So… here he is, in the form of an excerpt from my novel. Continue reading

5 Reasons I Love Crossfit (And You Might Too)

I should be up front with you here: Crossfit is for fanatics. Yep. Those people who love to love things. The ones who read quotes and take everything to extremes.

There’s a quote from the TV show House that I dearly love (because it pretty much sums up my approach to life… you know, minus the drugs). Continue reading

Going Primal (And Essentially MAD)

I know some people hate the idea of taking medication on principle. I’m not one of them.

I’m usually a fan of whatever will make me feel better the fastest. However, I do believe that what we put into our bodies and how we use them can have a profound impact on our health. My brief experience with Paleo and Crossfit was enough to convince me of that.

So it makes perfect sense to me that what I eat and how I exercise should impact my seizures. Continue reading

The Rhythm of Patience

You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear. – Helen Keller, The Story of My Life

I think Helen Keller was onto something with this quote. But I’d modify it to say that when you’re with the right person, your lives together create a song that’s so beautiful that you’re happy to sing it together for life… through verses of joy, pain, triumphs, sorrows, etc. A song that changes over time, rebalancing and shifting as your individual “voices” change, layering in new ideas and skills. But hopefully with joy threading throughout. Maybe it’s a little discordant at times or you hit the wrong note, but you adjust to get back into a harmony that allows your individual voices to create a more beautiful whole. Continue reading

A Thank You Letter, Plagiarism-Style

The support I’ve received since my last post has been tremendous. You have astounded me with both your caring and–to my great delight–your creativity in expressing it.

Several of you have voiced some skepticism over one of my ideas (writing a card entirely made up of quotes from other writers) so to show my gratitude… I’ve written my thank you letter in this way. Continue reading