Potato Chips, Vulnerability, British Accents, and Free Stuff #FascinatingFriday

So I just made up something called ‘Fascinating Friday.’ Yep. Get excited.

Don’t worry; it is not–as some of you may have suspected–about how fascinating I am. It’s about interesting things I ran across this week. Mainly around the internet because that’s where I do my most random wandering. (You should see my google search history; I’m definitely on one or more watch lists.) Continue reading

4 Easy Ways to Increase Your Empathy Quotient and Become More Awesome

There are some people who you like immediately. The ones that just seem to fit you somehow. This post is not about them. 

This is about those other people. The strangers who get in your way in the line at the grocery store or the friends who annoy you with their complete inability to talk about anything but themselves. The people who don’t understand that the left lane of the highway is for passing Continue reading

Seizure Update #2

I’ll start this off by saying that-for the record-I’m finally tired of talking about seizures. Which is strange, because I talk about them compulsively. Even when I want to stop, sometimes I can’t. But in the back of my mind, there’s this growing exhaustion at just the thought of talking about them. So I probably won’t for a while (at least on the blog unless it is particularly relevant to something else I’m writing about), but I wanted to give you guys a quick update before I stop because I know I left you hanging last time with the promise of MRI #2 results.

So… According to MRI #2, Continue reading

Help! The Ever-Tricky Thriller Title

Okay, it’s true. I judge a book by its cover. And it’s title. If either are egregiously stupid, I don’t even pick the thing up to see what the back says. Unless it’s by one of my favorite authors (see future post about my auto-buy writers).

So you can understand if I’m somewhat paranoid about picking the title for my first ever Deacon Hale novel (see this post if you have no idea what I’m talking about). We’ll save covers for a whole different post (and different heart attack). Continue reading