Words as Crowbars

I like building things. Physical things with tools. And ideas with words.

I’m always impressed when I see someone who is really skilled at either. Men (or women!) for whom angles and cuts and stains are second nature. And writers who can jack open whole new corridors of my mind with just the right words. Who use words as crowbars.

Today I was planning on writing about something else entirely, but in doing my research I ran across Daughter of Pearl, the blog of one Meg Baatz.

I do not know Meg. I was trying to find an old faithwalkers message where someone (Josh Whitney?) talked about using the “three before me” principle with new people at church. I’ve been thinking about using it in a broader life context. More about that in the next post. (Also, if you know the message I’m talking about, you should email or FB me! I’ve listened to it at least three times but can’t for the life of me remember which year it’s from or who gave it.)

Anyway, I ran across her blog. And immediately liked her writing style. Then I clicked on her About me page and liked her even more. Then I clicked through to her most recent post, and it was love. (Hopefully she’s not reading this, because that’s just awkward… but true.)

There were two things in particular that she wrote that resonated with me. That perfect kind of resonance that’s so rare. I always picture a tuning fork or a bell. Running across someone else who in a specific moment was feeling an emotion that vibrates at the exact same frequency as one I’m experiencing. Probably on my top ten favorite things to happen in life. Instant connection. 

First, she described planning her birthday party by saying: “I wanted it to be this amazing thing in the mountains where a bunch of people come to the mountains, play games, sing songs, and connect with God in a way they otherwise wouldn’t when the tyranny of life separates us like lonely coals that aren’t hot anymore because they aren’t together.

Stop. Now. Reread the last half of that sentence. This is exactly how I feel about the things that drive us apart in life–time, drama, priorities, miscommunications, selfishness. Like I said, love at first “write.” (Ted Birt, that one was for you…)

So she already had me hooked. Then she said this: “Is there anyone who has not been so scarred by unmet expectations in the church that they have completely lost any pure, untainted sense of the ideals and virtues which we are commanded to pursue?”

Ummm, was she watching me yesterday or something? I spent half the day walking around in a cloud of “I can’t believe that this is really the way we’re behaving, that we’ve gotten so far lost in our own drama that we’re missing the entire, joyful, life-affirming point.” (Don’t worry, I spent a few hours wandering around in the woods and have fully recovered my optimism. Well, at least partially recovered anyway. Like 83% recovered. And, like I keep saying, actually being engaged with others is a messy business. Expect a few bruises.)

So instead of writing a post of my own, I wanted to use this one to introduce you to Meg. I think she has pretty epic things to say. Ten seconds into reading her writing I was thinking, “Wow, I wish I could write as well as this girl” and regretting that I didn’t have hours to compulsively read through her prior posts.

Her blog has its own Facebook page that has a good overview of her recent posts magazine-style. You won’t regret stopping by. Highly recommended. 

Love running across people who are honest about the struggles and joys of pursuing the Lord! Instant good day. 

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