Being Arrogant About Orange Juice: How to Push People Away

Contrary to what you might think from my excessive use of the words awesome, like, and yeah, I believe that the words we use matter. Not so much how fancy they are, but how they make another person feel when we string them together a certain way.

Lets dive right into the example that inspired this post. I have a friend who is a very intellectual person. She approaches life with a very orderly mind. This can get in her way when she tries to connect with others. Being prone to the same thing, I set out to discover why. (Don’t I sound like a TV reporter? In my head the TV reporter version of me has a British accent for some reason.) Continue reading

A Story About Awe

Happy Monday!

You’ll have to excuse me. I’m fully aware that my current level of exuberance is really not appropriate for a Monday morning. But I had a good weekend and I’m excited about the possibilities for the week… and I just can’t seem to help myself. Feel free to substitute some kind of low, sad voice for mine in your head to counteract all the upbeat words I’m about to use. 

I have a story for you all. Just a snapshot, really, of the cool things God has been doing in my life. Pull up a carpet square and settle in for a few minutes. Here we go:  Continue reading