A Twist In The Road: Unexpected Opportunities

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you are all out exploring a lake or mountain somewhere. Preferably both. I’m planning on heading out for a long day of wandering … right after I hit publish on this post.

So I have a story to tell you.┬áIt all started last week. I was lying in bed daydreaming sitting at my desk watching the sun come up when I got an email from someone I’d never heard of before. Her name is also Kate (which always freaks me out, even though it’s a very common name… so I kind of disliked her on principle at first). She works for an epilepsy awareness group. She’d stumbled across my blog (probably because of my excessive tagging of “seizures” and “epilepsy”). And she had a question for me. Would I be interested in doing some writing for publications put out by her awareness group?

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