Seizure Update

Here’s a “quick” seizure update. I was going to include it in my next post “Seizures: Not Quite As Extreme As Smiting, But Kind of Similar” but it got too long. So for those of you who have been curious about what’s going on, this should bring you up to date. And then you can come back later this week and we can debate whether or not God is using the neurological equivalent of lightning to try to tell me something.

Seizure update: I’ve had four “big” seizures and one “little” one in just over 8 weeks. Three of the four big ones have been in the last four weeks. They did an MRI after the first seizure. There was a “spot” on the MRI. They thought it was a weird shaped vein. Apparently these things can suddenly start (and stop) causing seizures for no reason. I’m on antiseizure medication which isn’t really working so far. Continue reading